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Have you checked out Payoneer? Get paid directly to your very own Payoneer Prepaid Debit MasterCard® Card, available to over 200 countries worldwide! 

No bank account required, and the card can be used to make purchases or withdraw cash worldwide where MasterCard® is accepted. Their My Account tool allows you to fully manage your account online, and multilingual customer support team is available via telephone, e-mail and live chat.

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New: Prepaid, reloadable card that is not linked to your bank account.  

Cards are issued by a Canadian bank. The bank holds an insurance similar to FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation) in USA but Canadian version.

  •  Your Full Financial Privacy

  • No paperwork required

  • No signature required

  • No name on card

  • No name of the cardholder on the ATM transactions records

  • Details about your card are not available to the third parties

  • Card transactions are not reported to credit agencies.


1. The ATM card is a Maestro card. The Maestro brand is owned by MasterCard.

2. There is NO NAME printed on the ATM card.

3. No expiry date as well. So there is no need to reissue and reissue and reissue, unless you lost it or forget your PIN.

4. You can withdraw cash at any ATM that bear the Cirrus logo, which is almost any ATM. Cirrus is the ATM network for MasterCard. So the ATM usually shows all three logos of MasterCard, Maestro and Cirrus.

5. You can load your card with Wire Transfer, Western Union, US Bank ACH Transfer, Canada EFT Transfer, e-Gold or from another card!

6. You can easily check your transaction history online.

7. No statement is sent to you, full privacy.

8. Anyone can apply regardless of his or her nationality, country, credit history or status. You do not need to send in any identification document to them. The card is shipped to you after you place your order.

9. PIN are delivered in sealed paper so only you will know the PIN. And only people who have the physical card and PIN number can access the money.

10. Daily limit of 5,000 USD for ATM withdrawals, but keep in mind that ATM machines and/or ATM's networks and even some countries may also have their own limits.

11.  Telephone Support are available Monday to Friday working hours.
Email support are available anytime, 24/7.

Transaction Type


ATM Withdrawal (Worldwide)


POS (Point Of Sale). Available within Canada only


Monthly Maintenance & Internet Access


card-to-card transfer


Bank transfer (Wire, Swift, IBAN, etc.)

1% + 5.00


5% + 5.00

ACH (Available within USA only)


Instant ACH (Available within USA only)

10 %

Swiftpay (Available within USA only)


Western Union

5% + 5.00

900 PAY



* Regarding the monthly fee, if there is no money on the card (0 USD), there is no monthly charge applicable. But if there is something like 0.45 USD or any amount below 3 USD we will charge the amount left on the card. If there is more than 3 USD will take only 3 USD.



How is TheCard better than cash?

There are lots of ways that TheCard beats cash. To name just three:


1. TheCard is more secure than cash. If cash is lost or stolen it is likely gone forever. If your TheCard is lost or stolen, it can be replaced. No one can get at your money unless they also have your PIN. 

2. TheCard is a global money and debit card. When you use cash, you usually have to exchange your money for local currency when you travel out of the country, which can be a costly and time-consuming inconvenience. With TheCard, you can use your card at any worldwide ATM. All cash withdrawals are automatically in the local currency.  

3. You can safely send TheCard in the mail. The post office and courier companies tell you not to use their services to send cash. In the past, if you wanted to send money to friends or relatives across the country or overseas the only alternative was expensive wire services. Now, you can easily send TheCard to them in the mail. It is secure because no one can access the cash on the card unless they also have the PIN. (Never send a card and its PIN at the same time).


Is TheCard better than using check?


1. Cash stored on TheCard is available immediately. If you send a check as a gift or to transfer money to relatives "back home", the recipient's bank usually puts the money on hold for at least a few days, and often a few weeks, until the check "clears". The wait can be particularly long when sending money out of the country. With TheCard, you can tell the recipient the PIN over the phone. Then, as soon as the card arrives, the recipient can use it immediately at an ATM.


2. Cards can be refilled quickly and easily. When you use check to send gifts or transfer money, if you want to send another gift or transfer more cash to the same person, the recipient has to wait for the check to arrive and the bank to clear it. With TheCard you just add more cash to the same card. The recipient then has immediate access to the cash -- the second and subsequent times, they don't even have to wait for the card to arrive.


How is theCard better than using a bank card?


1. TheCard can be used to send gifts or transfer money. Since an ordinary bank card and PIN gives the holder access to your full bank account, they are not a good way to send a gift or transfer money to others. TheCard gives a recipient access to only as much money as you add to the card -- not your whole bank account.


2. TheCards are more secure. Because TheCard is not tied to your bank account, in the very worst case, if someone steals both your card and PIN, the most that the thief can get is the money that remains on your card. With a bank card, they may be able to drain your entire account.


How do I add money to my card?


You can transfer money to your card over the Internet or at your bank. Please see the methods below:

- ACH (Automatic Clearing House) Available within USA only
- International Bank Transfer (Wire, Swift, etc.)
- e-gold (Instant Automatic loading system)
- SwiftPay Cash Western Union. Available within USA only
- Card-to-card transfer


Can I transfer money from my theCard to my bank account?



1 TheCard shipping to your address will cost about USD 84 :per 1 CARDS (25USD), 1 ACTIVATION FEES (5USD), EXPRESS DELIVERY (49USD ) + Method of payment (5USD).

Ordering by unit: Number of Card

Price per card

1 to 10 Cards

25.00 USD Each. + Activation fees of 5 USD related to each card

11 to 20 Cards

20.00 USD Each. + Activation fees of 5 USD related to each card

21+ Cards

15.00 USD Each. + Activation fees of 5 USD related to each card


Payment methods to Order the Card:


TheCard Price

900 PAY Pay your order by phone.
Available within USA & Canada only.
Timeframe to receive your payment: Instantaneous

 15.00 USD*

International Bank Transfer (Wire, Swift, etc.).
Timeframe to receive your payment: 24H-96H

5.00 USD

Timeframe to receive your payment: Instantaneous

5.00 USD

Cash - Western Union - Worldwide
Timeframe to receive your payment: Instantaneous

5.00 USD

SwiftPay - Money Order - Cash
Available within USA only.
Timeframe to receive your payment: 24H

5.00 USD

Card-to-Card transfer

Timeframe to receive your payment: Instantaneous

3.00 USD

Delivery method (Shipping, Handling & Packing):


TheCard Price

Express delivery with tracking number.
(1-6 days) Worldwide

49 USD

Registered letter delivery without tracking number.
(2-4 weeks) Worldwide

24 USD

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