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Open Swiss bank Account Option I

Excellent Internet Banking Systems. No Minimum Deposit Required. Receiving money trough SWIFT is FREE. SWIFT transfers available for as low a $15 per transaction. Multicurrency - USD EUR CHF. Online securities trading on SWX, Virt-x, Xetra, Euronext, Nasdaq, NYSE, Amex, Scandinavian markets, Euwax,Vontobel (off-exchange). VISA and Mastercard Gold available can be used anywhere in the world.


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Open Anonymous ATM Card


Here is an interesting ATM card offer that provides total anonymity for your cash from the wall withdrawals.

A no name, no ID ATM card from a privacy minded bank located in Canada.

  Get here the guide to open Swiss Bank account online

Open USA Bank Account 

You get a FREE VISA ATM check card (=Debit Card). You Can Write Checks! You can deposit USD checks issued by a US bank. No reference letter from other banks required. No credit check. Receive Inward Wire Transfer from anyone. It has an international SWIFT code and Routing Number. Initiate ACH transfer TO and FROM your other US bank accounts for FREE! You can choose electronic statements (PDF) or paper statements. Initial Deposit of $1,000 only. Excellent 24/7 Email and Phone Support. Publicly Listed Company traded on NYSE (New York Stocks Exchange).

 Get here the guide to open Swiss Bank account online

Open Swiss bank Account Option II


You can open your account in all major currencies, usually clients open account in CHF (Switzerland Francs), USD (United States Dollar) or EURO. Minimum opening balance is CHF 1,000 or equivalent in other currency. Your account will only be fully activated AFTER you fund your account with this amount. The maintenance charge/service fee of the account is FREE. The bank has a SWIFT code to easily received money from all over the world. The bank can also used IBAN for money transfer. Bank will not accept applicants from Albania, Colombia and Nigeria. Maestro ATM/Debit card is available. Visa and MasterCard credit cards are also available. Card is applied after account is opened. Apostille required. 

  Get here the guide to open Swiss Bank account online

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