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Seeing Through the Offshore Mystique


Despite the mystique surrounding offshore banking, it is relatively simple to open an account. Often all it takes is filling out the paperwork, supplying some basic identifying documents and providing additional information to show that you are not planning to use the account for illegal activity.

Choosing the best currency and optimizing deposits and withdrawals are slightly more complicated, but the best choice for these items should become clearer as you study your personal banking situation.


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Payment options:

You can pay using your credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discover, Diner's, JSB) or e-check.


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If you prefer pay by paypal, western union or Ukash send an email at to receive instructions


Pay With e-Gold!

You can also pay with e-Gold! Indeed, paying with e-Gold is the easiest and fastest method of all.

You will have to enter your email address below and click on the 'Pay by e-Gold' button. Please make sure your email address is correct because all the important information will be sent to this email address after successful payment!  On the next screen, you will be asked your e-Gold account information. Once you have sent your e-gold, you will receive an email from us. 


Once the payment is confirmed, you will receive two emails :

E-mail with payment receipt. And another email from us in which we will ask for personal information  for whom/which an account will be opened. 

Once we will receive your answer, we will pass the information to the Bank

This is where our service ends. As further communications about your account will occur directly between you and the bank. We will NOT have access to your banking information in any case, so we can't inform you about the state of your application.

You will receive an opening kit from the bank in one or two weeks, depending on where you live.



We offer a 100% money back guarantee. In case the Bank rejects your application you ought to immediately informed to us and we will issue a refund if we will be unable to resolve the problem.


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