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In spite of some people’s dreams or spiteful affirmations of others, bank secrecy still exists in Switzerland. While the Swiss are required to know their customers, all information is kept 100% confidential.
There is no tax on foreign money.
Your protection is guaranteed by centuries of tradition and law in Switzerland.
Over the last decades the Swiss franc has held its value better than any other currency in the world. 
The Swiss franc is backed more than 100% by gold located in the reserves of the central bank. 
Inflation in Switzerland consistently remains low. 
Switzerland is the only country that has never imposed exchange controls. 
Switzerland has not been involved in war this century and and this prevents destruction by remaining neutral, while having an active army. 
Switzerland protects business and financial privacy. 
Switzerland's national referendum ensures that its people have a vote and the country will remain a strong, thriving democracy. 
Switzerland and its financial institution are fiercely independent and continuously resistant to outside government threats and attempts at interference. They hold approx. 35% of the world’s private assets, or US$2 trillion, are managed and held in Switzerland.
Switzerland has no history of exchange controls and a low terrorist risk die to its balanced, neutral foreign policy. The nation can also protect 98% of its population in shelters protected from nuclear, biological and chemical attack, which also reduces the risk of terrorist threats. 
The Swiss government was strong enough to resist Hitler and will continue to confront unreasonable coercion by governments around the world – quite a benefit to investors in times of financial or political crisis. Switzerland is a wealthy nation with a 750-year old democratic tradition. It is the only nation on the face of the earth where the citizens ultimately control the government through their political rights of initiative and referendum

Switzerland - Excellence in Banking

Compared to its economic importance and share of world trade, Switzerland has a uniquely large banking and financial sector. The country, with its population of six million plus, is one of the leaders among the world's financial centres after New York, Tokyo and London.

Switzerland's banking system also scores extremely well on security and efficiency. Swiss banks operate with the highest equity ratios of all, and a value added margin that is the envy not only of the banking community.Switzerland16

So it is not by chance that Swiss banking appeals to analysts and investors alike. Major Swiss banks consistently receive high marks for soundness from the main credit rating agencies. And a large portion of all internationally managed private assets is entrusted to Swiss banks.

But universal confidence cannot be taken for granted; it must be won a new every day. In all the world's financial centres, Swiss bankers are working to anticipate their clients' need and, naturally enough, keep a step ahead of their rivals.


This will not change for as long as can be foreseen. For the success of Switzerland's banks has been achieved not by chance but as the result of five solid attainments:



Switzerland is renowned for a variety of things. One is that it is reliable. In itself not very exciting, but it has its advantages. Especially when it comes to money.

For centuries the country has known social and political stability. And the Swiss people know that this will stay so only if each can rely on, and stand up for, the other.

Irrespective of the constant changes in the banking sphere, the Swiss banker adheres to the same fundamental principle.

But the Swiss conception of reliability covers more than just the proper conduct of business. It means that the Swiss banker sees himself not merely as a trustworthy person to deal with, but rather as the guardian of each client's particular financial concerns, and able to act on their behalf at all times.

Swiss banks are obliged by law to back their transactions with capital ratios that are the highest in the world, in the customer's interest. That may blunt yields a little, but makes clients sleep peacefully.


No efficiency, no Switzerland. Apart from its splendid scenery the country is poor in natural resources. So there is no choice but to go carefully with the limited resources available. Perhaps this is why the Swiss appear cautious to people from other countries. Caution is indeed their watchword.

This strong inducement to efficiency led long ago to products requiring few materials, and to closely costed services. After all, efficiency means not only technical accomplishment. The Swiss bank manager knows that success comes only to those who are first to identify the individual needs of their clients, and satisfy them.

Equipped with the most modern means of processing and communicating information, Swiss bankers meet this challenge daily - for the benefit of their clients, many of whom they have known personally for years.

Investors all over the world appreciate the efficiency of Swiss banking - some of them daily, and many over a lifetime.



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