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George from Guide to UK Banking
I had been looking for a solution to my Swiss banking needs without having to actually travel there. After doing some unsuccessful research at Swiss banks someone told me about Banca Extranjera. Their service was excellent. They sent me everything they promised. Every time I asked for assistance they replied same day with the right answer. Thx! I recommend them.


German from Argentina 

The best service I ever received from a web site. Immediate replies to my emails, they follow you step by step on the procedure.Thanks you are a dream come true. 


Kris  from India

Fast, efficient and reliable. It  is a great service with a very reasonable price tag.


Jim from New York

Thank you for a wonderful service. I ordered a Swiss Personal account and received my account details within a few days. I now use the account daily. Thank you!

Kail from Poland


Today I receive my online account passwords and security cards. This is a great account full of features. It is also great value, as there a many other companies ripping people by overcharging their customers. Thank you.


Marc Great way for waying the entrances for the olimpic games at Sochi 2014!!! Great service. ! 

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Nothing is hidden : our website explains in detail our services, what you will receive and the procedures. Our F.A.Q. page is extremely detailed. 
Our support is second to none : we reply to most emails within 24 hours (even in minutes if we will receive them during business hours).
Money back guarantee : if for any reason the bank will reject your application we will give your money back.



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